Construction Filming

Time-lapse, progress photography and film production. We can supply a full package or individual services

Time-lapse image capture is a constant requirement in the world of construction. Stakeholders update meetings, PR, checking site logistics and simply documenting the project are among the advantages of time-lapse filming.

Our  units have been used on major construction sites throughout the UK. Adapted DSLR cameras in weatherproofed housings allow for continuous image capture of construction projects. We deliver HD ready time-lapse video suitable for broadcast or marketing films. We are just as happy to accept projects that run for a few weeks as we are to take on large scale multi million pound projects that need cameras for years.

We recommend at least two cameras on larger sites, and offer monthly discounts for extra units.

If all the footage is to be edited into a final presentation video, we would undertake several one-off site visits for contextual time-lapse capture.

Our high resolution images can also be used for presentation stills or stakeholder meetings.

We also supply stand alone progress photography.

Apart from time-lapse and stills our services include conventional filming. We provide crews to cover all aspects of construction from preparation to completion.

Production and post production facilities are provided in our studios/offices in Central Manchester.

construction montage