Motion Control

Nero and Milo motion control rigs with Flair Target Tracking software offer multi-axis operation – from table top to mountain top!

Our Nero motion control rig provides track,rotate, lift,tilt,pan,dutch and lens control axes. Ideal for producers on a moderate budget. This rig is much used for table top filming and small – medium sized sets. It can break down into a simple tracking system, or the head can be separately mounted to offer computerised pan, tilt and dutch.

The Milo is an  award winning motion control rig offering all the above plus head roll, angle and lift/arm extension. This rig is bigger, faster and more flexible than the Nero and ideal for top end production work.

Both rigs are accurately repeatable and will interface with most cameras.

The rigs are portable and can be built in studio within 90 minutes of arriving on site.

Motion Control